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Trusted Setup Complete for Network v15 Upgrade

We are done with all the trusted setup participants for Network V15 Upgrade 🎉

The Filecoin community successfully completed the task of generating secure parameters for 4 circuits that will enable “SnapDeals” in Network V15.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Recap and Participants

We used a Trusted setup ceremony – a process where secure parameters were generated for the 4 circuits that will be used for mainnet. Outputs of this phase should be trustable so long as one party in the chain is honest.

Participants from all over the world contributed their resources to participate in generating secure and verifiable parameters for SnapDeals proofs.

For everyone who participated in this phase, we’d like to extend a sincere thanks for your support in this critical component of Filecoin’s path to get SnapDeals circuits to mainnet.


For EmptySectorUpgrade:

For EmptySectorUpdate - Poseidon:

Attestations page that holds more information about the entire process and all the participants is linked here.

Community and participants feedback: 🎉

How do I trust the output of these ceremonies?

For the current run, outputs can be trusted if the transcript is entirely verifiable, and you trust that at least one of the participants did not leak their contributed randomness in any way.

As such, for both ceremonies, we attempted to gather a diverse group of participants – both contributors from within the Filecoin ecosystem, miners with competing interests, as well as individuals and teams from outside in adjacent Web3 communities. In doing so, we aimed to reduce the risk of collusion and increase the probability that at least one contributor per circuit would be deemed sufficiently trustable - thereby guaranteeing the integrity of the output parameters.

Next Steps

For mainnet upgrade to network V15, nothing more is required. ✅

However, the Filecoin team is already thinking about future upgrades to our proofs to increase the performance and usability of the protocol.

When these upgrades happen, we will begin another iteration of the Phase 2 ceremony to generate secure parameters for these new circuits.

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