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Wolfram Blockchain Labs Expanding Storage Functionality with IPFS & Filecoin for Dapp Development

Expanding available tooling options for developers to create new decentralized applications is critical for the growth of the IPFS and Filecoin ecosystems. In a new collaboration with Protocol Labs, Wolfram Blockchain Labs (WBL) will offer developers the opportunity to leverage storage, peer-to-peer networking, and other protocols to complement their existing applications.

WBL is integrating their distributed ledger technology platform with IPFS and Filecoin to add new decentralized functionality and expanded storage to their existing blockchain features. Through the integration, developers will be able to access new tool sets from Wolfram Technologies, including the Wolfram programming language, Cloud, and Notebooks.

The Protocol Labs and WBL collaboration will support new storage, data, and analytics use cases in areas like:

  • Academia- Storing data for open and understandable use, and sophisticated sharing of research.
  • Business- Working with WBL’s consulting organization to explore advanced prototypes.
  • Data Analysis- Taking data from Filecoin and IPFS, and conducting analyses on documents with the Wolfram Language.
  • Development- Building advanced applications using computational capabilities.

WBL has already created one of the first use cases with IPFS. In collaboration with the Max Planck Digital Library, the WBL team has built an application to help scientists hash data on the open bloxberg while storing metadata and data with IPFS for sharing. Wolfram is also using the IPFS integration to build functionality and use cases that can be incorporated into decentralized applications used by researchers.

Wolfram Blockchain Labs already hosts nodes from ARK, Bitcoin, bloxberg, Cardano, Ethereum, Tezos, and others in their high-performance cluster, providing direct connections for smooth Wolfram Language integration on the desktop (Mathematica) and cloud (Wolfram Cloud). The integration with IPFS and Filecoin will only continue to expand what is possible for data storage and analytics use cases.

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