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Zondax Brings Filecoin to Ledger Live

Filecoin is now available on Ledger Live. Clients, Storage Providers, and other network participants can send and receive FIL directly from Ledger devices while their private keys remain secure and are never exposed to third parties.

This new feature has been implemented thanks to a close collaboration between Protocol Labs and Zondax, a software development team that has built over 45 solutions for the Ledger hardware wallet.

Previously, Ledger Live users were required to install Glif Wallet to store FIL. The Ledger Live integration launched by Zondax is a convenient alternative where holders can enjoy the same benefits within the Ledger Live app without the need for a browser-based solution.

Having FIL easily available to Ledger Live users brings Filecoin’s decentralized storage solution closer to over 5 million users who rely on Ledger devices for their security needs and self-custody.

Ledger is one of the most popular cold storage applications in web3. It has been trusted across the space since 2014 as an easy access point that bypasses the security risks of mobile, desktop, or browser-based key management solutions without sacrificing on user experience. Soon, it will also be implementing direct FIL purchases with fiat within the wallet via MoonPay, a payment application on Ledger Live.

Collaborating with open-source communities is a core value of both Filecoin and Ledger. Third-party developers like Zondax are supported and welcomed into both ecosystems. If you’d like to develop your own solutions on Filecoin or Ledger, start by joining the Filecoin Slack or visiting Ledger documentation.

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