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September 24, 2019

Filecoin 2019 Q2 & Q3 Update

Filecoin 2019 Q2 & Q3 Update

0. Table of Contents

1. Launches: Testnet on Dec 11, Mainnet in 2020 Q1

The most important news in this update is that we’re getting very close to launching the network. We are delayed from our prior estimates, but – as you will read below – we have made tremendous progress on all fronts! We are close enough that we can decide on the following launch windows:

Note: of course, these windows are best estimates, and could potentially slide. Our community has overwhelmingly requested more frequent, “best estimate” updates, even if they may end up sliding, rather than keeping dates artificially conservative and far out.

2. TL;DR: Highlights from 2019

We tend to post very detailed project updates every 2 quarters (see our Q1/2 2018 update and Q3/4 2018 update as examples). While some folks like diving into the details, others just want a quick summary of the most important bits to pay attention to in the project. For this reason, we’re piloting a TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) section in this update.

Here are our key highlights from 2019:

We’ve prepared a much more detailed update below, so please read on if you’d like to learn more about any of the above.

3. Roadmap Update

In our last major update, we announced some revisions to our public roadmap. We have made another revision to the roadmap to include recent progress made and our updated launch dates.

So far in 2019, we shipped the following 🎉🎉🎉:

Since then, we have been heads down, focusing on:

It has been a big year for the team. (There’s a reason folks say building a blockchain is like building a software rocket!) After several months of research and engineering, we are closing in on a protocol construction that meets our security, scalability, and performance requirements and is being actively implemented by our development teams.

As we move closer to launch, we have refined our milestones and have some exciting dates to announce:

We have adjusted our milestones as follows:

MilestoneOld ETANew ETA
Launching a long-running alphanet: N/ASeptember 25, 2019
Launching the first public Filecoin testnet: 2019 Q2December 11, 2019
Testing with sets of large scale miners: 2019 Q22019 Q4
Security Review & Audit: 2019 Q2/32019 Q4
go-filecoin v1.0.0 feature freeze: 2019 Q2/32020 Q1
Launching the Filecoin mainnet: 2019 Q3/42020 Q1

In October 2019, we will be publishing the link to a development roadmap on our blog. This document will contain the scope of work remaining for testnet and mainnet launch so that the community can follow along with our progress towards these goals. As noted above, we have also updated the Roadmap document according to these new milestone estimates.

Please recall that all our estimates and timelines are optimistic and subject to change. We aim to provide frequent updates about our progress on our blog. By far, the best way to stay on top of project activity is to follow our GitHub repos directly.

4. Development Update

So far in 2019, we have launched 4 major go-filecoin releases and 6 major rust-fil-proofs releases. We also launched and are maintaining community devnets and are soon to launch an alphanet – our last interim milestone before our fully public testnet! You can follow the go-filecoin CHANGELOG for release notes and more granular development updates. Our public development roadmap has also been updated to include development scope for testnet and mainnet launch, and progress towards those milestones.

4.1 Dev update / go-filecoin

This year, we have been focused on making significant development progress and engaging the Filecoin community.

4.2 Dev update / rust-fil-proofs

5. Research Update

6. Community Update

2019 has been a very big year for Filecoin community! Here are a few of our major community initiatives, listed in chronological order. Note that this list does not include all of our talks and presentations (listed instead in our Public Talks & Media section).

7. Policy Update

8. Public Talks & Media

9. libp2p Update for Filecoin

Filecoin is built on top of and depends heavily on components of libp2p, a project also led by Protocol Labs. The libp2p Project has had an incredible 2019, with steady technical progress, rising adoption and a growing community. Here is a compressed update from libp2p specifically tuned for Filecoin.

10. IPFS Update for Filecoin

Filecoin is built on top of and depends heavily on components of IPFS, a project also led by Protocol Labs. Many users of IPFS aim to also become users of Filecoin, so IPFS capabilities and use cases greatly inform Filecoin. Here is a compressed update from IPFS tuned specifically for Filecoin.

11. Cautionary Notes

Many Thanks!

Thank you for all your support so far, and in the future! And thank you in advance for your referrals, ideas, and suggestions. Your help accelerates our progress.

The Filecoin Team

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